Authorized Training Center

Medialogic, Dubai is an Authorized Training Center, which offers authorized approved corporate courses full time, part-time and online to give you the hands-on experience you need to enter the workforce. You will learn and work with knowledgeable instructors, official training guides, and exercises that emphasize real-world, practical applications.

Medialogic is focused on providing high-quality training courses for your professional development. We provide regularly scheduled small and large group courses along with private or customized training definitely by following the Covid19 protocols. We don’t compare PRICES, we compare SERVICES, OUTPUT & DELIVERABLES.


Medialogic travels to you so you don’t have to! We get to really understand the culture & requirements of your business. We can train in your studio or conference room & work around you.


Medialogic provides In-House training at our studio based in Dubai, UAE for individual clients along with group sessions. The software and hardware is provided during training sessions along with a projector screen.


Medialogic provides high quality online training tailored to your needs without ever needing to leave your office. These can either be full courses, or personalised focused sessions to explore very specific topics and questions.


In addition to the courses presented above, Medialogic offers customized learning solutions that will exactly meet your needs. Our services offer tailor-made training options suited to your business. Our team of BIM, VDC and CIM teachers and specialists will work with you to customize training to meet your needs. You can reach us on the below mentioned email and an advisor will contact you quickly to discuss your training needs with you.

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