Medialogic Dubai and Graphisoft Archicad Join Forces to Revolutionize Architectural Design and Visualization in the UAE

 In a groundbreaking partnership, Graphisoft, a leading provider of BIM (Building Information Modeling) software solutions has joined forces with Medialogic Dubai, a trusted technology provider of best-in-class IT, Professional Audio Visual and Enterprise Solutions to transform architectural design processes in the UAE. This strategic collaboration aims to empower architects and designers with cutting-edge tools and innovative techniques to streamline their workflows and enhance project outcomes. 


Graphisoft's flagship software Archicad, is widely recognized as a powerful architectural design tool that enables professionals to create sophisticated 3D models, manage construction documentation, and facilitate efficient collaboration. By combining Archicad's advanced features with Medialogic Dubai's expertise in AV and Pro-IT, the partnership seeks to provide comprehensive solutions that address the evolving needs of the architectural industry. 


With a focus on sustainable design and building performance analysis, the partnership strives to help architects in the UAE create environmentally conscious designs. Archicad's integrated design and analysis tools, in conjunction with Medialogic Dubai's visualization techniques enable architects to evaluate energy efficiency, thermal performance, and environmental impact, ultimately leading to more sustainable and resource-efficient buildings. 

The partnership between Graphisoft and Medialogic Dubai reinforces their commitment to supporting the architectural community in the UAE. By combining their expertise, they aim to empower architects with the tools and knowledge required to elevate their designs, enhance collaboration, and achieve remarkable project outcomes.